After a few years of leaving our wonderful dog breed PON – Nik z Marianówki, we decided to increase our family by another member. Long time we ‘re looking for a breed, which would meet our expectations. We knew that our companion has to be small, shaggy, sociable and most importantly with the hair, due to wife’s allergy. Browsing the descriptions of the breeds on the internet we found a pictures of Havanese. It was love at first sight <3. Reading the description of the breed we knew that this is it! And so to our family went first Havanese girl – Afera Z Fabryki Psow, called at home Hawana. Hawanka has proved to be a wonderful and lovely girl.. To ensure her company during our absence from home, we decided on another member of our family – a dog Yukon Bohemia Vampirelli. Yuki quickly won our hearts, consolidating in our opinion on the accurate selection of the breed. Love without memory in Havaneses (and already addicted) we adopted two more girls – Anett From Bohemica Land, called Netka and Disneyland’s Queen Sweet Brownie called Freya. As the last, due to disease the daughter of the previous owner, joined us lovable dog – Benji Pesa. And so our little flock created ALCADO Havanese kennel)